Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits

Property transfers

Amherst County

Deeds recorded:

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Mark H. Gamble to Thomas M. Tucker Jr. Parcel, 5 acres, Va. 713, $20,000

Loyd Album and Vicki Marsh Jennings to Charles Wilson and Deborah Irish Jennings. Parcel, 13 acres, Va. 652, $70,000

Nancy A. Overstreet to Ivan Johnson. Lot 27, section 1, Hunt Club, $20,000

Eli W. and Sarah I. Keimig to Joshua B. Taylor. Lot 14, section 2, Oakview Estates, Elon District, $177,550

Delores Newcomb to Jonathan R. Mullins. Parcel, 1.089 acres, Madison District, $121,000

Gladys P. Wright to Jack R. and Jo B. Roten. Lot 27, Viking Fjord, Elon District, $120,000

Appomattox County

Deeds recorded:

William Lawton King Jr., Delilah Ann King and Cory J. King to Kelsey Janae Martin. Lot 1, 11.14 acres, Va. 601, Cloverhill District, $37,300

Ann G. Porton to Ann Marie Porton. Parcel, Morris Heights Subdivision, $85,000

William A. and Rebekah B. Burke LLC to Michael E. and Elizabeth Ashley Burke Walker. Parcel, 2 acres, Southside District, $100,000

Sara D. Peterson to Brian E. and Peggy W. Bourque. Parcel, 25 acres, Va. 605, Stonewall District, $114,900

Sheila M. Roper, trustee to Ronnie D. Bryant Sr. Parcel, 65.97 acres, Cloverhill District, $100,000

Bedford County

Deeds recorded:

Nepenthe Holdings LLC and Bartley Holdings LLC to Michele T. Dominguez. Unit A, building C-9, phase II, The Bridgewater Bay Condominiums, Lakes District, $355,000

Sarah L. Hatter to Mark S. and Natalie S. Robertson. Lot 1, 1.125 acres, Blue Ridge District, $150,000

Landon C. Rothgeb to Patrick Tyler Racey. Parcel, Va. 689, 1.183 acres, Blue Ridge District, $125,000

Jessie Rae F. Combs to Eric Todd Morgan. Lot 3, 10 acres, Smith Mountain Lakes Parkway and residual parcel, 8.5 acres, Lakes District, $111,000

Halesford Harbour LLC to Delores V. Ferrier. Lot 2, 1.459 acres and parcel 2, 0.252 acres, Kasey’s Lakeview Dr., Lakes District, $105,000

Joybiz Inc. to James W. Gore Jr. Lot 18, section 2, Staunton River Pines, Lakes District, $85,000

Gloria Jones Hammer to Douglas A. Saunders. Tract 1, 9.122 acres, Blue Ridge District, $28,000

Michelle Rene Broyles Brennan and Christy Lynn Broyles to Malcolm N. Joseph and Katherine E. Wilcox. Lot 33, 3,083 acres, Sportman’s Point, Lakes District, $23,000

The Janet Wood Worth Putney Revocable Trust to Diversified Management Services Inc. Parcel, Otey St., $120,000

Linda A. Kemp and Life Outreach Inc. to David L. Byers. Lot 94, section 1, Forest Dale Subdivision, Jefferson District, $146,333

Frances A. Turpin to Paul E. Plungis and Danyla G. Plungis. Parcel, 1.261 acres, Peaks District, $3,000

Jana L. Hillman to Forrest S. Scott and Lona C. Kelly. Lot 8, section 1, Poplar Grove, Jefferson District, $215,000

Donald Scott Matthews to Graham Nowell Sword. Lots 2 and 3, intersection of Mountain Ave., Town of Bedford, $35,000

Campbell County

Deeds recorded:

Barney & Turner Investments LLC to Taylor C. Hendricks and Kristen L. Blackstock. Parcel, 3.79 acres, Flat Creek District, $270,000

Eddie J. Fielder to CG GPS Altavista LLC. Parcel A, Altavista, 0.313 acres, $114,000

Robert Lee and Jo Ann Dobbs to Miller Homes Inc. Lot 1, Leewood Estates, Vista District, $35,000

David Elder to Jerod G. and Brittany D. Layne. Lot 11, section 1, Staunton River Farms, $25,000

Deanna D. Justice to Charles Adam Rexrode. Lot 33, Lexington East, Long Mountain District, $138,000

Dustin Ran Mays to Austin Provo. Parcel, 2 acres, Old Richmond Road, $100,000

Nina Clark Porter to MidAtlantic Property Services LLC. Lots 112-115, Cherokee Lane Property, $3,500

Mark B. and Marjorie G. Robinson to Daniel R Rodger and Audrey M. Thacker. Lot 65, section II, Tavern Grove, $119,900

City of Lynchburg

Deeds recorded:

Camp Virginia Jaycee Inc. to 1017 Miller Park Square LLC. Parcel, Miller Park Square, $122,000

Michael W. Campbell and Susan A. Owen to Brian Stephen and Kim Marie Ashbaugh. Lots 21-23, block C, Spottswood Subdivision, $185,000

Nickolas Petrick to Blue Beech Land LLC. Lot 10 and 11, block 3, Fairgrounds Addition, $152,000

Lloyd Romelius Fox to Melvin H. Brown. Lot 1, block 2, Floridan Gardens Subdivision, $117,000

Matthew W. Gray and Elizabeth W. Candler to Collins Window and Door LLC. Parcel, U.S. 460, $175,000

Anthony and Kelley Carandang to Abram Loper. 1515 Rivermont Ave., $154,900

David Stanley Wright and Wendy Wright to Wendy Cardwell. Lot 55, section 2, Maple Hills Subdivision, $79,000

Humble LLC to Randall Blake Carr. Unit #3, 11th Street Lofts, $185,000

Humble LLC to David B. Cook. Unit #7, 11th Street Lofts, $155,000

Garland David Hunt, Ronald Thomas Hunt, Margaret Hunt Daniel to Reginald Clark Hunt to Meadow Brook Real Estate LLC. Lot 7, block 6, Westover Heights Subdivision, $53,000

Dominion Homes Inc. to JCS Properties & Management LLC. Lot 8, block 31, plan A, Rivermont Company, $60,000

Sweeney Properties Inc. to EFP Properties LLC. Lots 1, 3 and 5, W.N. Brown Property, $411,000

Sandra M. Shackelford to Jonathan and Jenna Gregory. Lot 5, block 6, Westover Heights Addition, $104,000

JCS Properties & Management LLC to Jennifer L. Lithgow. Lot 40, block H, section 8, Blue Ridge Farms Subdivision, $139,990

John G. Tomlin and Ellen T. Edinger to Jeffrey L. and Charity J. Senecal. Lots 84-86, block 11, portion of Edgewood Subdivision, $120,000

Ronald King to Abram Loper. 1331 Ruffner Place, $180,000

T.P.B. Enterprises LLC to Kristie Jean Miles. Lot 30, block G, Cornerstone Subdivision, $168,900

Building permits

Bedford County

Barbara Smith, Blue Ridge District, alteration, $2,330

Lisa Lawson, Blue Ridge District, storage building, $22,000

Denton Gordon Jr., Blue Ridge District, garage, $64,068

Veronica Pena, Blue Ridge District, alteration, $10,000

Steven Minnix, Blue Ridge District, garage, $12,000

Robert Early, Center District, new welling, $203,000

James Peterson, Center District, alteration, $76,900

Mark Minuto, Jefferson District, new dwelling, $375,000

Mark Minuto, Jefferson District, garage, $25,000

Zachary Martin, Jefferson District, alteration, $3,000

Paul Bloomfield, Jefferson District, new dwelling, $170,000

Dean Wilson, Jefferson District, addition, $38,000

Kimberly Bussey, Jefferson District, new dwelling, $220,000

Laura Rosser, Jefferson District, farm building, $26,000

WCB Construction Inc., Jefferson District, new dwelling, $250,000

Ronald Castleberry, Jefferson District, alteration, $29,000

Peter Brunstetter, Lakes District, garage, $92,000

Amir Ahangari, Lakes District, garage, $10,000

Richard Peterson, Lakes District, alteration, $40,000

John Bisnett Sr., Lakes District, storage building, $1,300

Ralph Rexrode, Lakes District, addition, $13,500

Kenneth Wong, Lakes District, addition, $13,500

James Cure, Lakes District, boathouse/dock, $270,000

Toni Brill, Peaks District, alteration, $1,635

Richard Boyd, Peaks District, addition, $18,750

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